Grandma's Million Dollar Scheme: A Comedy-Drama

Solo Show · koorosh ostowari · Ages 10+ · 70 mins · United States of America

family friendly one person show

Grandma’s Million Dollar Scheme is a 70 Minute solo performance, action packed Comedy-Drama

The performance is about race, class, greed, and our criminal justice system which has so many loopholes for white-collar criminals who actually never end up doing time. I draw on my interactions with my students at the local jail, and my experiences as a spirituality teacher there for 10 years, and on my own journey as a get-rich-quick-scheme real estate agent in my late twenties in San Francisco who falls victim to a grandma who has a million-dollar get-rich-quick scheme of her own.

The intention in this journalistic theater/performance is to humanize and raise awareness around the challenges we all face (being rich, poor, black, white, etc.), around greed, marginalization, and class, as well as to create a deeper empathy and understanding for the pain and suffering of many members of our society (which can also include ourselves) who have slipped and fallen through the cracks and often end up in jail, or various kinds of prisons of our own making, and for audience members to have an authentic and lasting experience that will mobilize them to also be catalysts for change on the planet through their own unique ways, voices, and action.

Koorosh has been awarded the certificate of acknowledgement by the U.S. Congress and by the California State legislature for my creative work and as a leader of change.


Here’s what some who attended the last show said:
" A very Engaging Experience" T. " Amazing" M. " Transformative" S. " Deep yet hilarious" S. " How phenomenal it was to see how you played multiple characters and yet kept the experience so entertaining and engaging" J. " So Impressive", Your talent and ability to engage the audience and have fun along the way was a very enriching experience" S. " A world class show" R. " A reality check on our current state, but with humor" C, " A joy from start to finish" M, “Wise and Funny” C, “Eye opening “ DJ, The entire show was like a woven tapestry of stories , humor, the immigrant story, and our justice system” M, “So well done that I couldn’t stop reflecting on my own immigrant story” E, “ Such an engaging storytelling…the 75 Minutes flew by!” A, “ A one man Marvel! More please!” AJ. “Both humor and a great story just flowed seamlessly” CP. “ I didn’t want the show to end!” JG. “Don’t miss Koorosh Ostowari! Personal issues and great comedy all at once!” TC. “Koorosh has profound depth and understanding of the human condition in all  the ways he portrays his characters “ CR.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran