Resting Slut Face

Solo Show · orchid cameron · Ages 14+ · United States of America

Content Warning one person show

Mixed Asian American (predominately Japanese American, and part Cuban American) artist, Orchid Cameron’s is sick of being  hyper-sexualized in the media, and no matter how much she tries to look innocent, is treated like a sex object regardless of the straight A’s and church girl insides. Her outsides match what a “Bond Girl” and other TV bad girls of mixed Asian descent, but her insides are made out of tofu, political opinions, and constitutional grit and perseverance.

Racial prejudice isn’t limited to her grandparents who were put in American concentration camps in World War II, but also the modern day prejudice of being targeted for sexual and physical violence for being Asian and LGBTQ+. She doesn’t allow the trauma to define her, and defies all odds by becoming an award winning standup comedian and happy Mommy of an eight year old.

Orchid is an angry yoga teacher and an Asian-American comic who looks white (it’s complicated, okay?!) who has headlined sold out shows in Los Angeles and internationally and featured in several comedy clubs around the world since 2019.

As an actor, Orchid has trained at The Beverly Hills Playhouse, and earned a B.A. in Theatre from Loyola Marymount University. She has performed in upwards of 30 independent short films including playing the lead role in “TNT” which won first place at the Newport Beach Film Festival. She has also directed and produced nine short films. 

Her day jobs have included tech sales, apartment managing, high school teaching, and reviewing films and she is the mother of two awesome kids.

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