The Ramón Show & Friends: Collective Healing

ruby roo productions · Ages 7+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere
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Review by AVA BUNN

June 20, 2023 certified reviewer

What I liked

Everything. I am so thankful to have had this experience. Genuinely was the highlight of my week. This show was a breath of fresh air, not only did I have a blast, laugh my a$$ off, but also learned a lot about mental health and how to get rid of self doubt… something that I think a lot of us need right now. I love Ramon and everything he does, please PLEASE do yourself a favor and see this show.

What I didn't like

Nothing. All I’d say is maybe more Ramon… I need and want more Ramon every day.

My overall impression

Ramon is a beam of light that leaves you feeling better than when you came in. I am so obsessed with this show and is something our world needs more of. The second Ramon dances out onto the stage you fall in love with him and his iconic outfits!! Such a great concept that spreads such needed positivity and brevity to the world we are living in today.

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