Of People and Not Things

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This is the way the world ends: with an intimate apocalypse.

Everyone knows that a bad break up can feel like the end of the world. But what if that’s what really happened? What if the the end of civilization defied summer blockbusters and came free of flesh eating zombies and digital destruction? What if the end of a relationship actually meant the end of life as we knew it?

“A new and thrilling piece of Fringe theatre … 4 stars.”
– British Theatre Guide

‘Of People and Not Things’ is about two people trying to unearth meaning in the events that have brought them to this small room with this audience. Thomas is a physicist trying to explain how the end came about. Karen is a former office temp struggling to find a place in this new world. These two interrelated monologues with subjective viewpoints ask the audience to decide for itself where objective truth lies.

“Beautiful and evocative… this piece of theatre will stick with you
because it’s so human.”
– Cincinnati CityBeat

In structure and style, ‘Of People and Not Things’ draws from such diverse influences as: Will Eno, David Foster Wallace, Brian Friel, and singer/songwriter Andrew Bird.

After acclaimed runs at the Cincinnati and Edinburgh Fringes in 2010, Distance Over Time Theatre brings this work home to LA in its West Coast Premiere.

“A vital piece of theatre that lingers long after the performance has finished.”
-Damien O’Keefe, Bald Man’s Fringe

Actor Lauren Hynek and director Elizabeth Martin trained at the prestigious Shakespeare & Co. in Lenox, Masachusettes, and now spend their days in LA as screenwriters.

Writer and performer Andrew Hungerford is also a theatrical designer who has helped to create over 120 shows (and counting). His previous writing credits include 2008’s ‘Anna the Slut and the (almost) Chosen One.’ (“a script that sparkles.” **** – fringereview.co.uk)

Of People and Not Things
June 17, 11:15pm. June 18, 10:15pm. June 19, 8:30pm. June 20, 8:15pm.
70 minutes.
Complex Theatres
6476 Santa Monica Boulevard | 323-465-0383

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