Healing: After the Tragedy

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In her Hollywood Fringe debut, accomplished artist Nesha Wonderland shares her story of overcoming tragedy in a raw and powerful solo show that sheds light on loss and healing.

LOS ANGELES – When Nesha Wonderland was just a child, she became a statistic.

When her father was murdered, not only was Wonderland’s world flipped upside down, she also found herself part of an alarmingly large group of people, over 400,000 strong, who shared in her struggle to put her life together. Even as a child, Wonderland knew she wanted to give those people, those children, a voice.

Now, she is proud to premiere her honest, moving and comedically touching show Healing: After the Tragedy this June at The Complex as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

In Healing: After the Tragedy, the accomplished Wonderland shares why and how she is “the woman fighting to beat the statistics.” Playing multiple characters and sharing tragic, heartfelt and often funny stories, Wonderland offers her empowering and unique life tale of picking up the pieces and chasing her dreams following the unsolved homicide of her father. Combining her passionate storytelling with clever multimedia art, elaborate costumes and a little bit of education, Wonderland brings patrons on her journey through healing and gives a voice to those who desperately need one.

“I wrote the show as an actual means to heal through live performance art, as the stage is a safe place for me where I receive therapy,” Wonderland said. “But sharing my life story of finding faith and overcoming also helps bring awareness to the 400,000 children bereaved in the U.S. each and every year. Beyond that, our goal with the show is to offer hope and inspiration for women that have faced abuse, alcoholism and other issues. We want to help those who have faced tragedy find the courage to still follow their dreams even when life has gone off track.”

While Healing: After the Tragedy deals with some heavy issues, Wonderland prides herself on the theatricality of the work she’s put together. Beyond the characters and the stories themselves, Wonderland has packed in quite a few surprises to “empower, educate and dazzle.”

An African-American entrepreneur, Wonderland is also a lifelong performer. At age nine, she wrote, directed, and produced a play called Black History for her elementary school and never looked back. A graduate of the Los Angeles Film School, Wonderland wrote for and hosted The Vitamin D Show, about women empowerment, healthy living habits and entertainment news. She also performs spoken word, runs a web series with experts sharing life tips and strategies, and hosts a podcast about meditative prayer. In her Fringe debut, Wonderland was fortunate to work with solo show expert Jessica Lynn Johnson, who really helped her shape the show.

“I’m very excited to finally premiere this show,” Wonderland said. “I think audiences will come away with good laughs, awareness about how trauma can affect someone’s future and a sense of hope and inspiration that will hopefully help them heal themselves wherever they need healing.”

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