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“A manifesto, wrapped in a polemic, wrapped in a crisis.”
— The Saturday Evening Pest

“A genuine Tour de Farce!”
— Didacus of Victoria, Society of the Holy Name

“Quirky, redundant, and chaotic.”
— The Pasadena Penny Pincher

“The parts I understood I didn’t like. The parts I liked, I didn’t see.”
— Actual Person

“A post-primal bunch of didactic bullshit, orchestrated to yank at the most subversive elements of human society. I loved it!”
— Bitter Gnomes & Gorgons

“First he cries, then he laughs, then he kisses the chicken’s ass.”
— Paul Cavaliere, carpenter and 2nd baseman

“Gives the Dark Side a bad rap”
— Ella, Darth Vader’s sister

“You see? This is just the kind of shit I was talking about! My therapist has accused me of exaggerating, but I’m going to literally pay her to see this show!”
— MK, Denzil’s Ex-wife #3

“If no one leaves the theatre either angry or confused, we haven’t done our job.”
— Denzil Meyers, Writer

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