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theatre · brooklyn studio lab · Ages 18+ · 1hr · United Kingdom · ·
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Diary of a Sociopathic Freakazoid is an experimental theatrical production written, produced and directed by Richard Crawford. The production from the infamous Brooklyn Studio Lab team that brought Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands to the stage in New York is a relentless exploration of the mind of a twenty something sociopath and his family and friends in Manhattan. The theatrical experience will explore and express the mind of a sociopath using theatrical, musical and installation elements.


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ruthie stephens

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bertrand roy

alejandro de sarriera
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tracy bolt - zara de sarriera

Enlightenment's a Bitch

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Niecie has a perfect life and she gets lots of attention. Too much attention. The wrong kind of attention. Then one night a stranger breaks into her bungalow with a knife and she is forced to confront " The Buddha".