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June 04, 2017

What I liked

The language—and the way the actors spoke the language.
The mise-en-scene, which helps so firmly bring to life the world of this classic I’ve never seen before!
The PLOT—oh what a deliciously human and yet logically silly plot (echoes of both “Much Ado” and “12th Night”
The way women kick ass!
The characters!
The energy!

What I didn't like

Okay a few gestures were over the top. Maybe.
A couple of light cues seemed ‘off.’ Eh…opening night.
The language wasn’t up there with Shakespeare or a handful of others—but then, hardly anyone’s ever is.

My overall impression

A delightful find, from a playwright of whom I knew nothing, full of delightful characters and wit, plot twists you see coming and still enjoy, the strange way the plot makes perfect sense coming from these characters. Brava!

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