Cookie & The Monster

the magnum players · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States of America

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“Scathingly brilliant…a personal fringe highlight.” Paul Birchall, stage

“A quick-witted, delightfully off-centered comedy so black it’s in danger of leaving bruises.” Travis Michael Holder- Arts In LA

“Amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.”
“An absolutely BRILLIANT play….NOT for Kids – but a great date night!!!”
“The writing is smart, funny and absolutely riveting.”
“Dark, troubling, and very very funny! Everyone in this cast is SO GOOD. See it!”
“Funny and scary and sad and joyous. LOVED.”
“Wonderful show! Poignant, powerful and right on. Bonus: Depeche Mode references and choreographed blow jobs. Go see this show!”

A f*cked up fact-based fairytale, Cookie & The Monster is a bruise-black comedy about coming of age in 90’s suburbia.

Cookie is a precocious child growing up in 1990s Long Island under the tutelage of her id-incarnate Monster who helps her become the most popular girl in school by filling her head with bad advice and scaring off her competitors. But when puberty strikes and her Monster sticks around, Cookie gets caught up in all kinds of ne’er-do-well teenage adventures. Is the Monster steering Cookie toward salvation or is he leading her down a path of self-destruction? Full of sex, drugs, suburban angst, and one original song about the joys of cutting – Cookie & The Monster will make you laugh, cry, and wince.

Written by and starring Jaime Andrews (Writer/performer on TruTV Presents: World’s Dumbest, LA Weekly Award Nominee for 2013, Hollywood Fringe Winner Absolutely Filthy) with Scott Leggett (Actor: Stoneface – Pasadena Playhouse, Director: Neverwhere – Sacred Fools), and a fierce ensemble cast directed by JJ Mayes (Producer/Director: Serial Killers @ Sacred Fools, Director: Magic Bullet Theory (Sacred Fools/Matrix), Produced by Brandon Clark (Magnum Opus Players/Sacred Fools), Original Song: Lyrics by Jaime Andrews, Music by Michael Teoli (Absolutely Filthy), Choreography by Amir Levi, Assistant produced by Erik Engman

production team

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jaime andrews *

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brandon clark *

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jj mayes *

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scott leggett *

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stage manager

* Fringe Veteran

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