Riot Grrrl Saves the World

ensemble theatre · will play for food theatre group · Ages 15+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

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A world premiere play by Award Winning Playwright Louisa Hill.

When a Jehovah’s Witness stumbles into a Riot Grrrl meeting, beliefs are challenged on all sides. But with the Apocalypse just around the corner, these teen punk prophets must band together to save the world by making zines, rocking out and navigating the beginning of love at the End of Days.

Joslyn: Zoë Lillian
Darla: Poonam Basu
Steph: Emma Servant
Harriet: Tiffany Mo
Grrrl: Maggie Blake

Written by Louisa Hill
Directed by Scott Marden
Produced by Dana Leigh Lyman
Music by Diego Davidenko

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production team

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scott marden *

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dana leigh lyman *

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will play for food theatre group *

production company
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tiffany mo

actor, harriet
U 32776 t 7328540

emma servant

actor, steph
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zoë lillian

actor, joslyn
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poonam basu

actor, darla
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louisa hill

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maggie blake *

actor, grrrl
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beth wallan *

stage manager

* Fringe Veteran

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