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musicals and operas · showorks entertainment · Ages 5+ · family friendly · South Africa

Magical fables where the mouse squeaks, the lion roars & the grasshopper sings. Through song, dance & humor, this colorful children’s musical educates as it entertains. Described as a “near perfect formula for children's entertainment” this show is sure to resonate with both children & adults alike.
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comedy · urban spine · Ages 10+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States of America

MIddleschoolandia...it's the scariest place on earth. So why do we send our kids?
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solo performance · level ground · Ages 10+ · family friendly · world premiere · one person show · Kenya

The story of a black queer woman who journeys from Atlanta to Africa to restore justice through the arts. As a child she suffers sexual abuse which causes deep trauma, but finds healing and community through the arts. She then moves to Africa and uses the arts to bring healing to other young girls.
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musicals and operas · hennessey productions · Ages 2+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States of America

An Interactive, Multi-Cultural, Colorful Musical Mystery Comedy for Children of ALL ages! Written By Mike Hennessey, Musical Direction by Laurie Grant Produced by Robert Burlingham
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solo performance · brooke baumer (writer & performer) · Ages 18+ · one person show · United States of America

What happens when a detail-obsessed woman tries to time the birth of her child to occur during her favorite month of the year? Nine months of chaos – in utero and out! A 60-minute solo show, October Baby is a hilarious and poignant look at motherhood and the need to control. Note: NO LATE SEATING.

Story Of My Life @ Hobgoblin

A 3992 m 2238309

One-act musical in which Alvin and Thomas, lifelong friends, reunite after Alvin's death. In the abstract world of his mind, Thomas struggles to write Alvin's eulogy while recounting the turns that their lives have taken since they first met.

Eyes of the Blind

A 4015 m 4318383

Amy Bhaer heads home after yet another family suicide. Unable to cope with the guilt of a sister she barely knew, lost, Amy does not trust what she begins to see: her dead sister, Cassie.