Hawaii Shakespeare Festival

The Hawaii Shakespeare Festival (HSF) has been a mainstay in the local arts community and have recently completed the full works of William Shakespeare. You would think that completing such a mammoth task would be enough, but HSF is not resting on its laurels or achievements. Curious, we pulled back the curtains to find out more as they near the end of another season, and who better to ask than the maestro behind HSF,...

Eddie Wen' Go

Eddie Would Go. For many, this simple saying evokes a deep emotional connection for folks living here. On the other hand, for those new to Hawaii or who do not know about the history of this saying will wonder. However, it will quickly become clear once they hear the story about Eddie Aikau, to whom this saying is attributed. In helping to educate us on this an upcoming production Eddie Wen Go: The Story of the Upside-Down Canoe will make its stage premiere on Septem...

Beau & Aero

FRINGE ACT 2015 INTRODUCTIONWe are pleased to announce that acts from near and far are gearing up for Fringe 2015. We will highlight each act as we move towards February 12 15, 2015. In our first interview we talk with the creators of the show Beau & Aero a duo act comprised of Amica Hunter and David Cantor. In this brief interview we check in with them...

Singing the Diaphragm Blues

Fringe Act 2015 IntroductionIn our second introduction we are proud to present to you Rebecca Lea McCarthy as she shares her very personal story and offers profound words on creating theatre, and how life is a struggle, but with support, one can find comfort to heal and become stronger.What is Singing the Diaphragm Blues about? “Singing the Diaphragm Blues” is based off my book Writing the Diaphragm Blues an...

Rose Wolfe - Winner of Showdown In Chinatown

Creative fusion allows the artist to test new ideas and push ones artistic style. Recently, Rose Wolfe, who performed last year at Fringe, created with her creative team a very simple performance video fusing dance and filmmaking. And perhaps therein lies its effectiveness, the simplicity of the piece, which saw them win first place at the filmmaking challenge, Showdown in Chinatown with their winning entry, Mess of Me, a song by Kings of Spade. Windi...

Where are they now? - Marcia Z. Mager

PLEASE NOTE: This story was previously published.Fringe Artists Where are they now?Your Name/Company: M. Zina MagerFringe Show you were in: WHO THE BLEEP AM I?Year of Show: 2012.Your role: Writer & Performer.Please tell us a bit about your ba...


Your Name/Company: Bonnie KimFringe Show you were in: Hokulani & Tutus Garden (2011),Long Long Ago, When Tiger Smoked: Animal Tales from Korea (2013)Your role: Director, PuppeteerPlease tell us a bit about your background and/or company you performed with at the Fringe?I am a Freelance Artist and Teaching Artist (one of the programs I provide services to is the Artists in the Schools Program. I offer dr...

The Biscuiteater

FRINGE ACT 2015 INTRODUCTIONWe are pleased to introduce to you the team behind The Biscuiteater, Jim Loucks and Deb Loucks. This dynamic duo first joined us for our inaugural Fringe in 2011 with their show, Cemetery Golf, and are returning to Honolulu to once again mesmerize our audience with Jims new solo work. This time Jim looks even closer to home and re...

Cody Melcher

FRINGE ACT 2015 INTRODUCTIONWe are happy to announce that Cody Melcher will join us next year. We caught up with him after a slow period in his hectic schedule and fortunately for us he is still smiling.Youve got a deliciously attractive smile. How often do you smile?Well, you’re far too kind for saying so. I think I laugh more than I smile? My resting face...

Sweet Soiree

There are so many good things in the world of art and one of them is seeing the new work of others. In this brief interview with Ms Lola Love we threw our 5W’s out and captured a little bit about her upcoming production Sweet Soiree, which is opening this week Dec 11 – Dec 20, 2014.Where is that special place you go to for inspiration?I’m inspired by so many things in life. Color, objects, feelings and just about...

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