A cause, a cause! My theatre for a cause! By Ezra Buzzington

Lately I seem to be writing a great deal about the American theatre. I’m enjoying it immensely and, from the reports trickling back to me, it would appear that others have been as well. This thrills me no end. But, I keep asking myself why am I suddenly doing this? To be honest, I’m not sure. A sudden awareness of the importance of personal history plays a part, I think. Legacy and all that. But, I’m just not sure. What I do know is that looking back at the myriad experiences I’ve had...

What to See in Los Angeles Theater: Your Weekly LemonMeter Update

Here’s your weekly travel guide to the shows that are getting all the critical love in Los Angeles:Weekly LemonMeter Update (Top 20 Rated Shows)GREEN GROW THE LILACS 100% SweetHAIRSPRAY 100% SweetTO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD 100% Swe...

Playhouse Fantasy Boy-Land

I’d been feeling down and I hadn’t seen him in a few months so when Timmy called, I went over there. He was very excited about something he called “Playhouse Fantasy Boy-Land,” which was a place he really wanted me to go with him.I stood on the outskirts, smoking a cigarette. I can’t describe it. It didn’t make any sense to me and it didn’t look promising. I wanted to go home.I said, “...

Money Talks: But What The Hell Is It Saying?

At Fringe 2015 the dynamic duo of Marcia Zina Mager and Lucie Lynch debuted their wonderful musical comedy, Money Talks: But What The Hell Is It Saying? They continue to showcase their production and have plans for more performances later this year. Their next upcoming performance will be on August 29. This free event is a fundraiser for the Windward Unity Church in Kane’ohe, 10 AM, followed by a one-hour workshop inspired by the show’s provocative themes. Only 4...

Clown at the Honolulu Night Market

This Saturday enjoy a night out of shopping, dining or meeting new friends at the Honolulu Night Market...

To Be Or Not To Be Batshit Crazy - By Ezra Buzzington

You know the best way to get an actor to complain? Hire him. How many actors does it take to screw in a light bulb? 13 – 1 to screw it in, 12 to say they could have screwed it in better. “Actors are human, too!”, “Oh, yeah? Did you ever eat with one?” *We are a unique breed, we actor types. Stuck in the awkward position of...

The Monday Moment

The origins of the phrase “break a leg”. It’s not what you think. I think.Of course this could be bullshit too, but it’s Monday, so I’m not gonna fact check....

Off to Portland

Heading back to the PNW tomorrow and staying through the Labor Day Weekend. The reasons for the trip are changing by the minute, but it will be nice to be up there for any reason. Spent 7 years in Seattle.Already been reaching out to some of theater peeps up there see if Bitter Lemons has any reach, catch some shows, see what the scene is like, but if anyone up there is not on my radar and is reading this, if you have a show or are a writer of theater up there or a media guy or really anyt...

LAist Offers Its 12 Best Los Angeles Theater Companies

Here are Lyle Zimskind’s favorites in Los Angeles Theater over at LAist.I would have added Coeurage Theatre Company, Rogue Machine, EST/LA and possibly Four Larks to this mix, but it’s a solid gathering. Though the Fringe and LATC aren’t exactly Theater Companies, but fuck semantics, right?Congrats to all.LAist’s 12 Best Theater Companies in Los AngelesANTAEUS THEATRE C...

Newsflash: Theater is Alive and (Mostly) Well in Los Angeles (Evidence Within)

Still in Portland but wanted to get these thoughts out on three productions I’ve seen over the last few weeks as I think a couple are closing this weekend. Oddly, while I was unsatisfied with all three their LemonMeter scores are stellar, so go figger....

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Advertising with the Hollywood Fringe Festival is an excellent way to promote your project, organization, brand, or cause. Buy an advertisement now on our website or printed guide.Advertising with the Hollywood Fringe Festival is an excellent way to promote your project, organization, brand, or cause. Buy an advertisement now on our website or printed guide.