Getting Intimate With Strangers - By Robert Toombs

Getting Intimate With StrangersBy Robert ToombsOkay, quick recap: longtime actor and writer, used to go to shows all the time, didn’t care whether they were good or bad I just went, blah blah blah. Then fell out of the theatrical groove, stopped going to plays, couldn’t figure out why it had happened, blah and blah. Realized that what I’ve always sought in theatre is that sense of wonder I experienced the first time I saw a show, and that the only way to find it again was to get some tickets and go...

Tussle Between Actors' Equity Association and Confidential Musical Theatre Project Highlights the Grey Areas in Los Angeles Theater

I’m always hesitant to wade fully into stories like this one. Mostly, because nobody’s paying me to do so and it takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to do it properly, time and energy I could be spending on making money, or art, but I’m also reluctant because many of the people I’m writing about, I actually know, they are colleagues, acquaintances, sometimes even friends. Additionally, I am on the record as having a very public bias against the way my own union, Actors...

Newsflash: Theater is Alive and Well in Los Angeles (Evidence Within)

Los Angeles theater is afire here in the scorching dog days of October and I have been honored and privileged to have been given the opportunity to see a few shows in the last couple weeks and so for all youze “where is all this theater they keep talking about?” crowd out there, here’s what the fricassee we’re talking about right cheer…Carrie The Musical: The reason to go: The mise en scene, very detailed, minimal and creepy, every room, every nook and cranny, its own little world,...

LA Times Revisits the Bitter Lemons Imperative

Bit of a harsh assessment from Mike Boehm that the BLI has “fallen flat” and “failed to take hold” considering that we’ve averaged one review a week since the end of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, but I guess that’s what happens with early success; 38 reviews out of the chute and everybody expects you to be turning them away at the door I guess. Actually, the slow and steady pace of the BLI right now is what I expected at the beginning, so no alarm bells over here. ...

Critique of the Week (On a Monday)

This is the kind of criticism you get when someone with this much experience and knowledge is free to write and speak as they wish, without word caps or community cajoling, it’s rich and thoughtful and forward thinking, it’s what we aspire to with the BLI. While I don’t entirely agree with Don’s assessment of the show, I was mildly lukewarm on the overall, Don is right to tout this as a potential trailblazer for a new way to produce big in LA. Be sure to read the whole article&...

What to See in Los Angeles Theater: Your Weekly LemonMeter Update

Here she blows, LemonHeads, THE most informed mid-week guide to help you with all your weekend theater-going plans. These are the shows the critics are liking the best in Los Angeles Theater, October, 2015, pulled directly from our ever-trusty LemonMeter.If you’d like to get your show in the mix, create a show page and then send the press review links to [email protected] and as soon as you have the required three – tada – you will magically have a LemonMeter Rating.And be sure to t...

Outrage and Owies

A Phoenix, Arizona theater critic who spells his name Robrt Pela decided this month to stop being just a Phoenix, Arizona theater critic and go national. He wrote an effete, languidly angry essay about the editor of the Seattle outlet The Stranger, and that editor’s habit of leaving plays at intermission and then reviewing the half he did see. Over the last two weeks, Pela’s essay has as of this writing garnered 241 Facebook shares and 11 Tweets. It’s not quite viral, and it did take four...


Full disclosure: I’m a raccoon. Not literally, of course; it’s just how I make my living. I voice one for a popular Cartoon Network series. Besides being my job, I believe it’s also art, and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has agreed with me at least once. That’s not why I came to Los Angeles, of course. I didn’t say to myself “I’m gonna move to LA to make it big in cartoons!” (and video games; I voice a lot of those). I moved here nearly twenty years ago...

The Friday Feature

I am very much looking forward to this show. The always creative Rogue Artists Ensemble’s take on the Pinocchio story entitled Wood Boy Dog Fish. Their puppetry is always fantastic so the marriage of the two couldn’t be more natural. Previews begin November 6th at Bootleg Theater and they open on November 13th. Check out their teaser trailer below.Wood Boy Dog Fish – Official Trailer from Rogue Artists Ensemble on Vimeo....

BroadwayHD Set to Offer Digital Streaming for Broadway Fare

Because that is what we have all been clamoring for, a way to digitize the live experience and make it just like everything else online: not special.Here’s a snippet from the newswire:Two stage producers hope to usher Broadway fare into the digital streaming era with BroadwayHD, a new subscription and on-demand service that launches today.The service kicks off with a library of more than 100 titles drawn from Broadway Worldwide‘s Direct from Broadway catalog — including “Memphis” a...

The Midnight Menagerie

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On the eve of his first film’s release, a scorned Mafioso-boss-turned-screenwriter invites the band of bastards responsible for his misery to a midnight dinner complete with a full course of bloody revenge. A new dark comedy in one act.

Rediscover the Human Connection

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True stories written and performed by the women who lived them. The unexpected becomes part of the fabric of their lives; the new normal. Each performance is unique with different storytellers. www.its-just-my-life.com