How to "go green"

In theater, it seems no one wants to be called “Green”. Being called green means being viewed as new or inexperienced.  Although not specific to theater, the adjective is one most undesired to the stage actor. The idea of having to grow as an actor places a label of naïveté and the grants one the ultimate title of unsophistication. Being experienced and or seasoned is the desired status. As illogical...

Scratching the Seventh Year Itch - By Ezra Buzzington

It’s the same every year. No champagne bottle christening, no great send off, no starter gun alarum, not even so much as a wakeup call from a questionable hotel’s front desk precedes it. But, beginning around “National Dance Like A Chicken Day”, the...

Felderstein's stage adaptation of "The Owl and The Pussycat" gushes with carnal creativity

What novelty can come from a play with a 52 year run, written in the 1960s by a television writer?   Without a doubt, The Owl and the Pussycat is a play doesn’t see much love nowadays. However, this adaptation of the mature production may prompt at least a little crush.  Whether Director Todd Felderstein’s undertaking of The Owl and The Pussycat is a labor of love or a fist in the...

Twenty reasons your stage fright is justified

Stage fright is unavoidable. Everyone gets it at some point of their acting experience. Here are 20 reasons why the next time you are presented with the opportunity to perform you should, instead, just run.1.) Everyone is going to laugh at you.  2.) You will forget all of your lines.  3.) You will throw up.4.) You forgot pants.  <str...

"God's Waiting Room" Lifts Spirits

One is unlikely to find God waiting in the reception area of the Let Live theater. This privately placed house of performance is snuggled stealthily between “I think Waze is broken.” and “Wait, Isn’t this The Actor’s Company or CAZT?”  However, following one’s successful ability to sort through some minor geographical challenges, a very seriously managed parking lot and many anxious actors in various stages of undress outside the theater, one w...

Voices from the Fringe: Heather L. Tyler, Director of 'Porno Dido'

Making its West Coast premiere at this year’s Fringe is Sean Graney’s Porno Dido, a piece that’s arriving here in a rather different version than when it was first performed in Chicago. The story revolves around a fledgling director whose dreams of staging Dido, Queen of Carthage are compromised by the kinky demands of a mysterious backer and an unruly cast of porn stars.The first version, which Graney also directed, reflected his outlook at the time. He said, "I originally wrote it abo...

Bitter Lemons removes Colin Mitchell as Editor in Chief

Bitter Lemons has always celebrated its open forum environment but Editor Colin Mitchell’s recent article within the Chicago theatrical community crossed from controversial into unacceptable. As a result, Bitter Lemons has removed Colin Mitchell as the Editor of Chief effective immediately.Bitter Lemons apologizes to all of those who have experienced victimization and thanks all of those who have spoken up to establish a loud standard....

HFF17 Twitter Chat Schedule

Every year we host a series of Twitter Chats in order for Fringers to meet and mingle online before the festival begins. It’s a great way to recruit audiences and make #fringeships long before June. You’ll get to tweet about how the process is going for you as well as the opportunity to chat with Fringe staff members....

Tickets Now On Sale for 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival

Fringe season has officially begun! Tickets are now on sale for the 8th Annual Hollywood Fringe Festival, happening June 8-25.L.A.’s largest celebration of the performing arts is bigger than ever! There are currently 375 shows and workshops registered for this year’s festival – a significant increase from last year’s 300 – and we’re expecting even more by the end of June. This means that we’ll have well&n...

New Staff Opportunity: Publicity Manager

Fringe Publicity Manager Job Description ...

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