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Ex Communication

jeremy saje · June 23, 2015
SEE THIS SHOW!!! A wonderful blend of humor and drama which grounds this show in reality. Heartfelt and honest, Ex Communication will have you looking back at past relationships and re-evaluating the way you handle future ones.... full review


jeremy saje · June 21, 2015
Told through humor, heart, and song, this is a great story of one woman's journey to discover who she is and what really makes her happy. Erin keeps things light even when tackling some intense subject matter. This results in keeping the show entertaining and utterly fun, while being poignant at the same time. All I can really say is "BRAVA!"... full review

Dating: Adults Embracing Failure

jeremy saje · June 14, 2015
Very well done! Linda and Josh are engaging, funny, and moving through this piece. Very funny and, at times, dramatic, this show explores dating with a fresh take that will appeal to all adults from 18 - 99. Exceptional pacing and comic timing make this show a treat.... full review

The 7th Annual One-Man Show World Championships

jeremy saje · June 09, 2015
Brilliant! Comic timing at its best. Not only was the script hilarious, all the actors were top notch performers who delivered a virtually flawless performance. The larger than life characters were played true. Instead of "going for the laugh", these skilled comic actors relied on the material and their honed delivery to raise the comedy bar far beyond the mere "yuk, yuk" of so many comedies. I was laughing so hard throughout that, when I exited the theater, my glasses were spotted with dried tea... full review

Boss: The Untold Tony Danza Story

jeremy saje · June 09, 2015
I laughed... A LOT!!! The cast does a fantastic job embodying the actors and characters I grew up with. Particularly Damien Luvara and Summer Shirey, who had me forgetting I wasn't seeing the real Tony Danza and Judith Light up on the stage. At one point I did find myself asking "what the heck is going on here?", but then I just let myself be swept into the hilarity of this absurdist comedy and enjoyed the rib shaking ride.... full review

The Meatball Chronicles

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Broadwater Second Stage "Well written...beautifully played...powerful and riveting" Ron Bloomberg,writer (All In the Family) Special Event Option June 9 show/lunch at Hunter and Charlie's~ benefit for LA FoodBank- use discount code

NoHo Arts District

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