Scott K. Ratner

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A Southern California-based actor/writer/magician, Scott has appeared in over 200 productions on stage, film, and television. His passion for Golden Age detective fiction is displayed in his book and lyrics for two whodunit musicals, ALL TALKING! ALL SINGING!! ALL MURDER!!! and MURDER ON THE HIGH C’S, and several articles for Mystery Scene Magazine. A legal quirk in the history of Agatha Christie’s long-running play gave him the idea for his latest one-act comedy, KILL A BETTER MOUSETRAP.

13th Grade

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A New 90’s Musical Comedy in the vein of “Wet Hot American Summer,” “Strangers With Candy,” and “Saved by the Bell.” 13TH GRADE is College. Kind of. Whatever.

Low Price Preview June 2nd, 7pm

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A celibate young guy and a free-spirited girl from a chat room are forced to spend a night in this cheeky comedy at the Dorie in The Complex Theatre. Use Code: FIVE for a $5 ticket to see the preview