God: The Apologies Tour

immersive theatre · they played productions · Ages 13+ · world premiere · 1hr · United States of America

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We are The Creator. We made the heavens and the earth. We gave you free will.

That was clearly a mistake. We have returned to apologize, but not as you expect.

In the past, only the lucky few have spoken to Us directly. Prophets. Chosen ones. The occasional virgin. But this year, it’s your turn! For Fringe 2018, The Creator has rented Studio/Stage to bring multiple reflections of Itself directly to you!

You will #EncounterTheDivine as you get the chance to interact directly with The Creator and Its Reflections throughout the theater in this Divine Immersive Encounter. You will never look at “God” the same way again.

“God: The Apologies Tour” is created by Erik Blair and produced by They Played Productions, the team behind last year’s Fringe hit “Nothing Bad: A Werewolf Rock Musical”.

NOTE: Because this is an immersive production, we want audiences to have some advisories to better understand what they are likely to experience:

  • There may be Light to Moderate touching of audience members (think of the range from handshakes to marking a forehead)
  • The show will have moments that touch on Death, Religious Beliefs and Religion in general.
  • As the audience will be given the opportunity to move multiple times through the performance space, the ability to walk through hallways and doors is preferable—but not a requirement to experience the show.

production team

U 64555 t 9520591

erik blair *

"the creator" / writer / director
U 13243 t 159206

thea rivera *

U 49349 t 6835064

stepy kamei *

"the creator"
U 63819 t 8968595

zachary johnson-dunlop *

"the creator" / lighting design
U 7933 t 7072365

heidi appe *

"the creator"

* Fringe Veteran


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