Stepy Kamei

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Los Angeles-based comedic actress from San Francisco, known for improv, impressions, and scare acting. Trained at the Groundlings, where she laughed until she cried, and Berg Studios, where she cried until she laughed.

I’ll be taking flight in the highly-acclaimed parody “Airplane Live!” at the Flight Theatre!

Come see me improv it up with “The Human Test Subjects” at Three Clubs, or immerse yourself in my other show, the theater experience that is “The Truth”. You can also catch my Christopher Guest impression in “Live From the Grave: It’s John Belushi”.

Catch Herpes At Fringe

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Being diagnosed with herpes nearly destroyed me, until I learned to laugh at myself. Join me - in this interactive, one woman musical comedy and see how having herpes saved my life. #sexandsurvival #speadthelove #resistthestigma


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IF YOU SEEK AMY: or an evening of tragic retellings of how Cooper Howell screwed up opportunities for love time and time again whilst singing the greatest hits of Amy Winehouse.