The Tony Robbins Netflix Special Special

comedy · lucia brizzi · United States of America

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tony robbins · comedy · cult · talia brava
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DARREN SARKIN certified reviewer · June 08, 2017
tagged as: talia brava · Tony Robbins · comedy · cult
A true satire of inspiration cults, this production explores the lurking issues behind Tony Robbins while engaging the audience brilliantly. From first step into the theater you are surrounded by the familiar spectacle of a motivational seminar. Like a summer camp on crack for adults, the team is jumping around, smiling vividly, and welcoming the audience. It's pure fun. The play continues following the story arc of such an event. We get to know Talia Brava, her team, and some people whose lives she's changed, and several audience members find their own transformation. This play is hilarious, everyone should go. It's new, fresh, and contains truly believable though ridiculous characters. I heard one audience member going on about how this... full review

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HELENE UDY certified reviewer · June 06, 2017
This show could be addictive and become a cult show. It would be easy to go back many times because you just know each show will be different. And the characters are very funny . And it is strangely uplifting. It could be addictive!... full review

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer · June 17, 2017
I came into this show with a open mind. I wish I could say I enjoyed the show but I didnt. I sat through it, even though I wanted to leave. I wish them all the best, I dont recommend this show. ... full review

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ELLEN REGINA certified reviewer · June 21, 2017
A dead-on and hilarious skewering of self-help gurus and seminars. Talia Brava is pitch perfect: bigger than life, cute, funny, pompous, and utterly engaging.... full review

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ROSS BERCUN certified reviewer · June 21, 2017
This show is hysterical. Every performer creates something different on the stage creating a full on experience rather than just a little show. This is full on fun for the full hour!... full review

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