ONE WOMAN SHOW with a couple other people

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offbeat · absurd · awkward · character · funny · improv · music · piano · silly · singing · spontaneous
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BROOKE WHITNEY · June 03, 2017
Overall impression of the show was that this girl could be on SNL, as this show was kind of that - except for that fact that it was run by one woman (and a couple other people). Also - the musical aspect gives the show a twist that definitely grounds the emotion amongst the goofiness. ... full review

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ALISON KAWA · June 06, 2017
tagged as: character · piano · singing · music · awkward · spontaneous · funny · improv
If you didn't know Hayley before the show started, you will by the end. She's unafraid to be silly, sexy, or downright absurd, or all three within the span of five minutes! She ended up with an awkwardly playful show that is both honest and earnest. I can't wait to see what she does with it!... full review

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TRICIA BROOKS · June 10, 2017
The show is not a linear story but a compilation of minuets. ... full review

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SANDY DUARTE · June 10, 2017
Unique and Bold!!... full review

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HARIM SANCHEZ certified reviewer · June 11, 2017
tagged as: absurd · silly · OFFBEAT
Goldstein is a one-woman variety show ranging from off-beat Kaufman-esque comedy to enthralling vocal/music performances. Right off the bat, Goldstein lets you know that this is her show and she'll do whatever the fuck she wants, whether you like it or not - and the confidence and tenacity behind that makes it easier and more enjoyable for the audience to enjoy the ride. Goldstein holds the reigns of the show with wild curiosity and eccentricity; she's pretty much living all our childhood dreams of "If I had MY own show".... full review

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GREG HUNDEMER certified reviewer · June 12, 2017
I was sitting on the front row and a guy two seats over from me asked me how I knew Hayley. I said that I knew her from the fringe. The guy said that she was his Lyft driver. If that's not a testament to Hayley's magnetic personality, I don't know what is. If you ever wondered what SNL would be like if it existed entirely in Charlie Kaufman's version of John Malkovich's head, then this show might be what that is. Hayley has such a ridiculous, yet incredible, voice.... full review

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