Black & White in Paris: A Cabaret Musical

musicals and operas · e-fusion studios · Ages 13+ · family friendly · world premiere · 90 mins · United States of America

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Black & White in Paris takes you on a musical journey of passion, intrigue, love and romance. Inspired by the photography of Christopher Broughton, this cabaret experience weaves his rich photographic imagery into the fabric of the show, from costumes and projections to props and parasols. So, grab a pastry and come join us on a beautiful journey to Paris!

Starring: Alanna Vicente, Danny Michaels, Taylor Wesselman, Tiffany LaBarbera Palmer and Kelby Thwaits.

Featuring: Katy Marcella, Tessa Fungo, Christopher Curry, Anton Garsola, Colette Peters and Orlando Alexander.

Written and Directed by: Kelby Thwaits
Produced by: E-Fusion Studios
Choreography by: Orlando Alexander
Music Direction by: Eric Zimmermann
Costume Design by: Angela Manke
Production Design by: Kelby Thwaits & Angela Manke
Sound Mixing by: Charles Bunce
Photographic content by: Christopher Broughton

Warning: Smoke may be present during part of the performance.

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production team

U 78773 t 9335640

kelby thwaits

writer/director/production designer/singer/musician
U 81448 t 3364595

orlando alexander

U 81449 t 8989745

eric zimmermann

music director
U 81450 t 4736290

angela manke

costume designer/production designer
U 81451 t 861956

katy marcella

U 81452 t 8742244

tessa fungo

U 81453 t 8250043

bernadette colette peters

U 81454 t 4870731

christopher curry

U 81455 t 5848936

anton garsola

U 81456 t 2261898

danny michaels

U 81457 t 5846104

alanna vicente

U 4066 t 2070192

tiffany labarbera

U 47643 t 5513262

taylor wesselman

U 81459 t 4700060

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