musicals and operas · robot teammate · Ages 10+ · family friendly · flashing lights · world premiere · 55 mins · United States of America

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The 4242 Intergalympics have arrived and the bitter rivalry between the people of Earth and Mars is at an all-time fever pitch. An epic race around the Sun concludes the games, but when an untimely incident renders Earth’s competitors unable to race, a haphazard crew must step in as last minute replacements. Will they succeed? Find out in this high-speed, high-stakes original musical comedy from the creators THUG TUNNEL. Ready. Set. Space!

Founded in 2012, Robot Teammate established itself as one of LA’s premier musical comedy groups, wowing theatergoers by creating improvised musicals based on audience suggestions at venues including UCB, iO West, Westside Comedy, and LA ComicCon. In 2015, they began scripting their improvisations with the original space(time) opera, TIMEHEART (Nominee – Best Musical). Their 2016 dystopian musical THUG TUNNEL received A Little New Music’s Outstanding Songwriting Award and was nominated for Best Musical, Best World Premiere, Top of the Fringe, Ripest Show, Most Orgasmic Writing, two Most Unleashed Performance nominations, and the Spirit of Fringe Award.

“Robot Teammate creates musicals for the millennial generation.” – Gia on the Move

“Robot Teammate is always worth watching. Their storytelling is top-class, their musicality is hugely impressive, and, above all, they are properly funny.” – Ewan Phillips, Producer, Whose Line is it Anyway?

“Don’t miss what is sure to become a Fringe legend…an electrifying good time…brilliant cast – MUST SEE!” – LA Music Critic

“This show is so brilliantly entertaining for so many reasons – infectious music, creative story, memorable characters, hilarious one-liners… all of this combined results in the best musical – if not show! – at Fringe this year!” – LA Music Blog

“FRESH – entertaining and engaging from beginning to end. Thug Tunnel is a gritty and contemporary new Fringe musical that takes the audience on a whirlwind adventure full of catchy dance music and vivid characters…guaranteed good time" – Tin Pan LA

“Smart and exceptionally appealing…if you want to understand the kind of funny becoming more and more in demand today, or to attract a younger audience, this is a good example of what works. The whole show is a little absurd and kind of wrong but so completely hilarious that you’ll be hooked from the get-go.”- Musicals in LA

“Astonishing… to see their show is to see theatre explode into life before your eyes.” – Tudor House Entertainment

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production team

U 46784 t 832812

molly dworsky *

pattern magerk (director)
U 46785 t 3700789

miles crosman *

captain davin galaxy (head writer)
U 935 t 5796163

kat primeau *

dr. joules johnson (producer/choreographer)
U 15392 t 1343933

chris bramante *

mick cribbins (co-producer)
U 12667 t 3507626

david reynolds *

mambo 4 (co-director)
U 46783 t 3161535

sam johnides *

malarkis (composer)
Default user image

branson nejame *

zorks (composer)

* Fringe Veteran

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