Molly Dworsky

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After all the fun she had collaborating to create TIMEHEART and THUG TUNNEL for the last two years of the Hollywood fringe, Molly is psyched to put on her space suit and sing her heart out this summer in TURBULENCE! with the rest of her musical comedy team, Robot Teammate.

To see more of Molly, check out her music videos:


Fantasm - 1001 Nights

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The timeless tales of Scheherazade and the heroes of Arabian folklore will be reimagined for the stage as we follow Sinbad on his voyages across imaginative worlds. More than 20 dancers will bring this theatrical, world fusion dance show to life.

Many Trump Refugees in One Body

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On election night 2016, Americans crashed the Canadian immigration web site, so many people wanted to get out of Trump's America. But activist Lyralen Kaye didn't just look. She put her condo on the market and headed for the border.