comedy · samovar subway ensemble · Ages 15+ · world premiere · 90 mins · United States of America

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a not all-the-way true, but sometimes painfully so, dysfunctional family comedy 

Chloe Patterson has invited her perfect fiancé to what she will make sure is the perfect Thanksgiving, despite her very imperfect family. She’s got a solid plan in place to combat any and all hints of dysfunction, providing for every possible contingency… except the unexpected dinner guest: a very unfiltered, Las Vegas stripper. 

Scabs are picked, secrets are revealed and fights erupt as this group struggles to make it through another holiday unscathed.

production team

U 66015 t 3265023

tiffany cascio

U 48730 t 5177340

allison youngberg *

producer and chloe
U 27550 t 9959873

kitty lindsay

U 51268 t 8175833
U 75953 t 6149118
U 63914 t 188978

asia lynn pitts *

U 26696 t 2027762

sharon spence *

U 6209 t 5615963

gary poux

U 410 t 7853004

brandon baruch *

lighting designer
U 51007 t 6720476

dane oliver *

fight choreography
U 11965 t 3992394

ken werther *

U 25533 t 3402747

taylor jackson ross *

stage manager
U 18023 t 4184114

james ferrero *

sound designer
U 82806 t 1975413

kit whitten

set designer

* Fringe Veteran

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