Bloody Awful: Two Twisted Comedies by Leland Frankel

comedy · shinbone theatre company · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

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dark comedy · horror · horror comedy
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AUBREY RINEHART · June 07, 2017
Strong performances of very creative and original stories! These two dark comedies certainly don't disappoint. Would highly recommend, especially if murder and severed heads are your thing. :)... full review

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MICHAEL FONTAINE my haunt life · June 20, 2017
tagged as: Dark Comedy · horror comedy · Horror
“Bloody Awful” is two dark comedy shows for the price of one! The first show, entitled “The Callback”, is a story of a girl that just can’t accept that she wasn’t called back after an audition and the great lengths she will go to in order to prove she was worthy. The perkiness of Molly (played by Kelly Ohanian) is what made “The Callback” so great. How can this perky, and mostly upbeat, girl do these things? The back and forth between Molly and the director, Mr. Ashford (played by Joey Rich), is great. You start to care for Molly, even though she may be in the wrong here, because Mr. Ashford sounds like Hollywood scum. It’s really hard not to like Molly in this horrible situation and she seems to be an avenger of sorts. Overall, the sh... full review

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OLIVIA CORDELL certified reviewer · June 05, 2017
Lots of dark, murderous fun!! If dark comedy is your thing then this is your show - the second play is ESPECIALLY hilarious and clever. Great writing!... full review

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BRENDA GROSS certified reviewer · June 29, 2017
I thought both plays by Leland Frankel were funny and very intelligent. I really laughed at the macabre premise of an insane actress just trying to get a call back and roommate serial killers. ... full review

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