So You Want to be a Vampire

ensemble theatre · offending shadows theatre company · Ages 13+ · 65 mins · United States of America

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Brenda Frank is so desperate to be turned into a vampire that she actually finds one, but some vampires desire more than blood. “So You Want to be a Vampire” is a very dark comedy about a woman who will stop at nothing to escape the brutal mundanity of her mortal life and be turned into a creature of the night.

Join us at Studio/Stages, which will be hosting the Creatures of the Night Convention XXIII every Saturday Night in June at 11:30pm. with a special Vampires-only, Bleed-What-You-Can Night on Friday, June 23rd.

At every convention date, pick up your convention badge and lanyard, have one of our special “Blood Shots” (21 and over for those, VampKids!) and dance to your favorite Goth tracks. Word on the web is that we may have a “special” guest or two this year.

WARNING The first two rows of seating have been designated as a SPLATTER ZONE. Those seated in the SPLATTER ZONE will get bloody.

Heidi Appe
Carrie Bell-Hoerth
Christian T. Chan
Emily Donn
Marian Gonzalez
Jesse Leighton
Annie Rives
Glenn Simon

production team

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marni troop

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emily donn *

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glenn simon

mr. frank
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heidi appe *

mrs. frank
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stage manager

* Fringe Veteran

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