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comedy · stage against the machine · Ages 13+ · family friendly · flashing lights · United States of America

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RICHARD GRAVES certified reviewer · June 17, 2017
Wacky and zany antics are in abundance in this high energy, fun, and humorous production! I enjoyed the segments on “Dragnet” (Travis Stanberry playing Joe Friday is hilarious!) and “Wonder Woman” (played with gusto by Burgandi Phoenix wearing an exact replica of the original Wonder Woman costume!) The genuine footage of old television commercials – exactly as they appeared on T.V. – are a great addition to the overall nuttiness of the experience! Go see this show!... full review

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GORETI DA SILVA certified reviewer · June 18, 2017
Super fun show that made me laugh out loud.... full review

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NATHANIEL BEAVER fringetv 2017 · June 19, 2017
I loved the concept and the comedy of spoofing old TV! Interspersing the old TV Commercials was very effective. ... full review

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RASIKA MATHUR · June 22, 2017
Amazingly talented cast who just know how to do comedy. Bravo, if you love parody, smart comedy, great comedic timing, you cannot afford to miss this show. A Must-see.... full review

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