The Birthing Pit

ensemble theatre · a gothic romance · Ages 18+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

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beautiful · great acting · haunting · horror · brilliant · gothic · lovely · made me cry · poignant · romance · tragedy · well-written
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MADELEINE HEIL · June 09, 2017
For a fringe show? I was impressed. For a small theatre show? Still impressed. This isn't a show you will want to miss this fringe. It's easy to lose gems like this in a sea of silly shows that are thrown together last minute. This piece is really beautiful, haunting, and makes you want to jump onstage with the actors... that's my gauge of a great show. (come on, you actors all know what I'm talking about <3)... full review

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A touching, beautiful to watch piece. Refreshing to see such a small yet vastly ambitious (American Revolution... for the Fringe?) play that, to me, is a real stand out for the Fringe.... full review

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ALLISON LEE · June 10, 2017
If you’re in search of a well-told story that speaks to the macabre, sexual repression, ghosts a la Nathaniel Hawthorne short stories and period horror films, all wrapped up in the forging of the New World via the colonies, THE BIRTHING PIT is the Hollywood Fringe Festival play that you should attend. ... full review

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MICHAEL FONTAINE my haunt life · June 20, 2017
This show is one of the hidden gems at Fringe. A Gothic romance story set at the end of the Revolutionary War that makes you think about love and responsibility. The exchanges between John (played by Jensen Chambers) and Castella (played by Maia Kazin) are heartfelt and at times, heartbreaking. When John gets separated from Castella, there’s a flashback of their life. The emotional breakdown that follows shows you the pain and anguish he’s in as he’s reminiscing over his true love. You see what love can do to you and what you’ll do for it…to keep it close to you. ... full review

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RUSSELL EATON · June 20, 2017
tagged as: Horror · gothic · tragedy · romance
A sad tale of romance during the revolutionary war, an unfolding web of secrets turns this tale of romance into a disturbing and horrific reflection on love.... full review

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CATHY TOMLIN · June 24, 2017
I was truly intrigued by the quality of the writing. How well the playwright was able to capture in the language, the poetry and rhythm of the time. Bravo!... full review

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