Mary's Medicine

red flag media productions · Ages 10+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States of America

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“Mary’s Medicine” tells the true story of Jamaican nurse Mary Seacole. Mary helped pioneer many holistic medicinal practices during Victorian England. Her methods were controversial for the time and some sought to destroy her reputation. Half Jamaican and Scottish Mary struggled with her identity in the world. Not to be dissuaded she worked hard to prove herself a valuable person in the fields of nursing and medicine. Despite being a decorated hero of the Crimean war history seems to have forgotten Seacole, but now on stage her incredible story of determination, courage and wits will be told.

production team

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matthew robinson *

writer - director
U 63975 t 3875628

robby devillez *

actor - producer
U 66431 t 7957859
U 78997 t 3259613

amy argyle *

U 79000 t 8953731

emilie martz *

U 45617 t 8598690

alycia lourim *

U 78998 t 7031597

twon pope *

U 78999 t 2408611

ross shaw *

U 79443 t 6443136

jantzen zink *

actor [alternate]
U 83114 t 8115187

allesa willis *

costume designer - wardrobe

* Fringe Veteran

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