Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale

immersive theatre · some company · Ages 16+ · world premiere · Norway

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comedy · drama · experiemental · immersive · improv · participation · poignant funny
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CAMI HAMILTON certified reviewer · June 12, 2017
What seemed like a novelty and gimmick quickly developed into a thoughtful piece on our purpose and "value" before we are all called to the dumpster (or karmic recycling) in the end. And funny at moments, too! Excellent work by some skilled improv actors working within a unique formula. I will be back because each show promises to be creative and unique. ... full review

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RUSSELL EATON http://www.myhauntlife.com · June 16, 2017
tagged as: experiemental · comedy · drama · improv
Definitely one of the most innovative premises at this year’s Fringe, this “interactive play” is a combination of scripted monologues, improvisation and audience participation. The premise, I feel, is both a strength and a weakness. The audience witnesses a charity sale of donated items. At times, actors present the history of the objects – which audience members can actually purchase. However, if an item is purchased, the attached actor leaves the stage. This causes an odd emotional hiccup – the audience is denied the emotional satisfaction of knowing the emotional reaction an object might feel to being bought. At times it seemed audience members were a bit shy to jump in and “play” but that soon changes as the concept becomes clear. Cre... full review

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RUTH KAPP certified reviewer · June 18, 2017
I heard that this was a fun, clever show and I was not disappointed! Very entertaining ... full review

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THEA RIVERA · June 20, 2017
This was the most charming piece of interactive theater that I have participated in in a long time! The items... they're more than just items. And even when you're just watching it's more than just watching. And you really do get to keep something if you buy it. I got to see a story that's never the same twice!... full review

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TAYLOR WINTERS haunting.net · June 26, 2017
Improvisation is a high-stakes risk in the world of theater, as is audience interactivity. Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale greatly succeeds at the former, while unfortunately faltering in the area of the latter. The good news of course is that show mechanics are always adjustable, especially when they are built upon a strong core concept and expert ensemble like this show is. If Fallen Stars finds a life beyond Fringe, I would certainly like to see it again someday, to see what entirely new objects and experience awaits me. See review for full thoughts! ... full review

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