"Real Time"

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“That we shall learn to walk this ground, together, in peace.”

Join The Peoplehood for a shared journey in REAL TIME and celebrate what we have in common, beneath our ‘social skins’. Every performance is unique – every performance is a world premiere. YOU make the difference!

The Peoplehood present
at the 2011 Hollywood Fringe Festival

Writer / Director
Jaisey Bates

Cherita Armstrong*, Tejay Bah, Jaisey Bates, Goreti da Silva,
Bill Neal Elk Whistle, Lina Hellkvist, Tiger Moon,
Godwin A. Obeng, Bethany Orr, Stephanie Pinnock, Stefan Rollins,
Forrest Cody Scott, Alan Tafoya and Marie-Françoise Theodore*. *AEA.

The Open Fist
Sunday, June 12. 7PM
Saturday, June 18. 12PM
Saturday, June 25. 5:30PM
60 minutes

ArtWorks Mainstage
Sunday, June 19. 5:30PM
30 minutes

Tickets are pay-what-you-can, with all proceeds going to the host theater!

The Open Fist
6209 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038

6569 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038

Join the journey.
[email protected]

The Peoplehood are a company and community of multicultural actors committed to working as an ensemble in the performance of original work celebrating diversity. www.peoplehood.moonfruit.com

Jaisey Bates’ writing is exciting, poetic, philosophical, and stands tall with a distinctly Native American backbone. Don’t miss this combustible collection of new plays!” —Abbie Bosworth, Program Director, Playwrights @ The Loft.

Special Thanks to David Midthunder for permission to feature his beautiful photo.

production team

U 1404 t 8561330

jaisey bates *

project playwright + leadership team
U 1718 t 6145649

tiger moon *

project leadership team
U 1719 t 4953385

bill neal elk whistle *

project leadership team
U 1903 t 2956805

bethany orr *

real time ensemble
U 1762 t 6340527

goreti da silva *

real time ensemble
U 1777 t 6743582

tejay bah *

real time ensemble
U 1904 t 1728755

cherita armstrong *

real time ensemble
U 1907 t 1284900

stephanie pinnock *

real time ensemble
U 1906 t 3314542

godwin obeng *

real time ensemble
U 1905 t 9865538

lina hall *

real time ensemble
U 2347 t 9528340

alan tafoya *

real time ensemble

* Fringe Veteran

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