A Feast of Snacks

musicals and operas · theatre unleashed · Ages 13+ · family friendly · United States of America

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“If you enjoy being happy and feeling good, this show is a must see for you! It’s absolutely delightful from start to finish.” – Theresa S., My Big Fat Blonde Musical

“The songs! The energy! This jokes! This cast is very clever and talented, and the show is tons of fun!!!” – Anonymous

“Never has a blind man sitting idly been so funny.” – Anonymous

“…infused with… an infectious energy that can only make you feel good and smile as you leave the theater.” – Richard A.

“As per usual, Theatre Unleashed produces great work.” – Kitty K.

“…the theatrical equivalent of a really first-rate dessert, delicious!” – David M. B., Through Night-Tinted Glasses

“This is one of those where you wish you could rewind to watch again because you were laughing so hard.” – Anonymous

Full-length musicals too filling? Operettas leave you bloated? Juke-box song cycles too saccharine? We’ve got just the thing! A FEAST OF SNACKS! That’s right, they’re bite-sized musicals guaranteed to please your palate. No falling chandeliers or helicopters here! Just four, simple, sweet and soulful stories set to song, created by the talented Michael Gordon Shapiro! So whet your appetite and join us for the show!

The Charmed Life – (Co-written with Mark Harvey Levine) Margie has experienced unnaturally good luck her entire life – parking tickets vanish without cause, magazine subscriptions renew, and her house never seems to get dirty. One afternoon she discovers the source of her good luck: a secret admirer, who for years has been covertly making her life better.

Climb the Smallest Mountain – Miniature golf legend Darius “Duke” McGovern seems poised to win his seventh world championship – until a competitor finds a loophole in the rules that allows him to disrupt Duke’s game by heckling.

HMS Headwind – The merry crew members of a 18th century British frigate have one problem: their failure to capture a single enemy vessel. Complicating things further is the infamous Pirate Queen of the North Sea, who captures naval vessels and leaves behind written critiques of their poor seamanship.

The Escape Artist — Any smart person can get out of jury duty. Or can they? A World Premiere Mini Musical!

production team

U 83 t 2362677
U 9499 t 2011635

gregory crafts *

U 13967 t 5306201

julia plostnieks *

U 45417 t 5667233

lindsay braverman *

choreographer, ensemble
U 9498 t 5991043

jenn scuderi crafts *

artistic director
U 10725 t 6930652

jim martyka *

publicity, ensemble
U 30811 t 5458213

sammi lappin *

U 47204 t 9731974

matthew martin *

U 53289 t 832536

lauren holiday *

U 13881 t 9742293

heather lake *

U 16088 t 5013100
U 63894 t 4814286

carey matthews *

U 63895 t 2021950

mark harvey levine *

book (the charmed life)
U 7679 t 4064797

michael gordon shapiro *

book, music, and lyrics
U 6567 t 9157577

erin moore *

production manager
U 4697 t 4333150

deborah berman *

musical director
U 64827 t 6901957

david foy bauer *

U 64828 t 8980212

mark lopez *

U 47956 t 4702958

margaret glaccum *

U 16686 t 6150493

courtney bell *


* Fringe Veteran

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