Shitty Awful Everything

comedy · delusions of grandeur · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

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“Funny, very, very funny, as well as shocking, bawdy and brave. I honestly still can’t stop thinking about this show…it’s that brilliant…genius in fact. You have to see this show!!!” – Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros,

“Shitty Awful Everything is a totally trippy play that embraces meta conventions, intertexuality and postmodern absurdism.” – Benjamin Schwartz, Gia on the Move

“Fast-paced physical commedia farce. Really well done! Imaginative, zippy, irreverent, heady fun! I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys well-staged, well-written, well-acted absurdist theatre!” – James Calvert, patron

“…a live action dark comedy wrapped in the style of a Looney Tune on acid and adderall. It’s bloody, it’s dirty, it’s wrecking it like Ralph and it’s an absolute comedic gem.” – Brandon Pearson, patron

“Shitty Awful Everything is exactly not that. It is an hour that will have you laughing, even as you’re drenched in blood… I loved it.” – Frank Rada, patron

“It’s a fun show that has a lot to offer people in terms of off-the-wall comedy.” – Matthew Robinson, patron

“A thoroughly fun ride! Wasn’t sure what to expect when I was invited… but I sat here with a smile on my face throughout. I encourage you to see this one!!!” – Sherry Lyn, patron

“And in the end, when I was finished laughed, I thought a little. And felt a little. Which is more than many plays deliver. So—bravo!” – David McDowell Blue, Through Night Tinted Glasses

A brand new dark comedy about life, death and everything in between. When everyman sad-sack, Mike, is diagnosed with terminal – and I mean terminal – cancer, his day only goes from bad to worse as he journeys to find life’s silver lining. But with run-ins with his amnesic wife, the mob, some surly intellectuals, a post-apocalyptic biker gang, and a couple of gay porn cowboys perhaps Mike’s quest will prove too difficult after all. Luckily there’s a couple of quarreling, omniscient narrators to help him on his way.

WARNING: You may get bloody!

NOTE: The midnight show on the 18th is technically the 17th at 11:59pm. One free beer with every ticket purchase for this performance (ages 21 and over)!

production team

U 57009 t 5986644

kyle cooper *

U 32759 t 7460274

kevin swanstrom *

U 64169 t 805247

cade peterson *

assistant director
U 44317 t 3264939

robert walters *

U 64171 t 1903506

michael sasso *

U 64172 t 7042646

katie scarlett *

U 42535 t 8833590

paul leschofs *

U 64173 t 8199476

chris voss *

U 64174 t 839600

sam weiner *

U 45680 t 4816181

juliet deem *

U 64175 t 6960583

kimmy shields *

U 66466 t 3276777

emma laughlin *

U 66467 t 1298159

micah wilmott *

U 66468 t 2508851

paul cooper *

sound design
U 66469 t 2562032

ryan o'connell *

U 66470 t 338355

michael quiett *


* Fringe Veteran

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