25 Plays Per Hour

ensemble theatre · theatre unleashed · Ages 18+ · United States of America

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MR. FRINGE · June 09, 2012
This show was a great time, it delivered exactly what it promised, and I'm seriously considering going back. The plays were all well-acted, and many were truly, riotously funny. Several rank among the best sketches I've seen. Anywhere. There are dramatic pieces sprinkled throughout, and it is amazing how the crowd goes from raucous laughter to rapt silence and back again- emotionally exhausting, even. It definitely offered the "journey" that Fringe shows strive for, and when the lights went up I was stunned it had only been an hour. Incredibly- EXACTLY an hour. Also good to know- the show is name-your-own-price when you bring canned food to donate. So no excuses!... full review

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ANONYMOUS · June 14, 2012
Really great. And actually one hour... exactly.... full review

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ERICA MEYER · June 15, 2012
Awesome show. Some really creative premises and interesting characters. It's a very entertaining hour and the time flies by. The actors really commit to a range of comedic and dramatic stories. Definitely worth checking out!!... full review

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ANONYMOUS · June 16, 2012
In the spirit of Theater Unleashed's 25 Plays per Hour, I will excise the floral and the expendable and get straight to the point: this show rocked. In fact, I will be returning to Theatre Asylum to see the show for a second time... like a swift kick to the limbic system, 25 Plays per Hour deftly shoots between cracking up and slapping knees and breaking hearts; a manic catharsis, really. Jacob Smith and Josh Morrison's direction is flawless in creating a fantastically varied and entertaining journey. Can't wait to see it again. ... full review

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SAM VIEIRA · June 15, 2012
Knocking out 25 separate pieces of work in under an hour is no small feat, but the folks over at Theatre Unleashed have it down to an art. In 60 minutes or less you're treated to rapid-fire delivery of micro-scenes at times wildly hysterical and deeply touching. A wide range of acting talent and emotion is on display here, and I had a knee slapping great time. Go Go Go! ... full review

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Great show! It captures your attention right from the start and doesn't let go of your imagination. The actors have great comedic timing and charisma. Great way to spend an hour!... full review

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LOVED! SOOO FUNNY!... full review

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