A Shadow of Doubt

ensemble theatre · mb stage productions · Ages 14+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Nick Forman is a troubled writer who is accused of killing a young actress, Evelyn Dickenson. She was trying to get a job in his next picture, and that was her mistake. Nick’s past acts of violence make him the prime suspect in her murder. His only alibi is ex-reality star Kathryn Corvell. As she looks for an opportunity to further her career, she nearly falls in love with Nick. Meanwhile, Nick’s best friend Eric Spitzer, a policeman, and his wife Julia can’t help but get involved in the investigation. Leaving Nick’s agent Martin Wolff to keep his and Nick’s careers together, while a Detective Andrews is the only one who seems to care what actually happened to Evelyn Dickenson.

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production team

U 17659 t 8249416

jared pixler *

production manager
U 31458 t 46586

david evan stolworthy *

production manager
U 63501 t 4284654

maurisz kotowski *

U 7770 t 5036220

michael conley *

U 64045 t 6420034

lior burlin *

nick forman
U 64047 t 7884125

cara o'brien *

kathryn corvell
U 17967 t 5650992

katie lynn mapel *

U 65035 t 4502718

natasha wells *

stage manager
U 65292 t 1974477

rachel gonzalez *

julia spitzer
U 65296 t 7917013

kilvin johnson jr. *

eric spitzer
U 65297 t 2872754

nathalyn yaah *

detective andrew
U 65299 t 3520351

ray mainenti *

martin wolff
U 65301 t 3724983

olivia griffian *

evelyn dickenson
U 65302 t 6698060
U 52896 t 5173832

jillian riti *

U 47755 t 4773705

* Fringe Veteran

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