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JP KARLIAK · June 10, 2016
A VERY Fringe-y show in a lot of great ways: innovative idea, creative low-budget props, hilarious pop culture references, and a joyful, willing cast, happy to do their art. Fun if you're a movie fan. Might be a blast if you don't know movies at all! I'd love to know what you end up thinking those films are about based on their interpretations.... full review

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KEN WALKER · June 13, 2016
This show was entertaining and creative with not a whole lot to go on. Since I'm a movie buff I found they captured the important scenes in each movie and brought them to life while poking fun at them. My 16-year-old was cracking up too!... full review

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Quick, take your pick, before you fall over laughing.... full review

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RACHEL FLANAGAN discover hollywood magazine · June 25, 2016
Know Laughing Matter Presents Facebook with Mom was hilarious one-woman reenactments of what it is like to have your parents join Facebook and other Social Media platforms. Susan Kate portrays her mother and some of the interesting characters her mother interacted with when she opened up a laptop and joined the amazing world of Facebook. From the Nigerian prince who wants your money to the scandalous neighbors and embarrassing your children on Facebook, Susan Kate nailed how many of us feel when our parents, especially our moms, join the social media frenzy. The audience interaction and ability to join in the conversation was an added bonus to a fun show. ... full review

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TRACY HELD POTTER certified reviewer · June 26, 2016
Both productions by Know Laughing Matter were hilarious.... full review

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