The Princes' Charming

ensemble theatre · the loft ensemble · Ages 13+ · family friendly · United States of America

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From the Ovation Award Winning company Loft Ensemble an unapologetic farce, this play satirizes the fractured modern fairy tale genre. When faced with a sudden ultimatum, two princes scramble to find true love or suffer the consequences of a mysterious curse. Through speed dating, arranged marriages, and random encounters in the woods, is there any chance at true love?

production team

U 46675 t 9979194

april morrow *

olga/ griselda/ producer
U 18053 t 1786414

tor brown

william/ producer/ tech director
U 60865 t 4364139

bree pavey

minnie/ producer
U 57808 t 3925054

ashley snyder

isabel/ producer
U 47234 t 7736993

lauren sperling *

sleeping beauty/ snow white/ xena/ producer
U 63288 t 1401229

cameron britton

bob/ assistant director
U 47233 t 3766816

jon tosetti *

producer/ king roland
U 63835 t 361506

daniel joo

U 63839 t 4012959

cadence whittle

peasant girl
U 63840 t 9613207

reno muren

peasant girl
U 60663 t 1574897

jared wilson

prince arthur
U 63841 t 1863900

mikaela moody

peasant girl
U 51967 t 4258251

jordan wynter

U 63837 t 1822074

max marsh

king frederick
U 51004 t 9660562

mitch rosander

writer/ director/ producer

* Fringe Veteran

Encore Gives HERPES Recurrent Outbreaks

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