capital w · Ages 16+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

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Hamlet-Mobile is FREE. No reservations are required or allowed.

Hamlet-Mobile is a mobile theatrical experience like no other.

Created by theater company The Moving Shadow in honor of our dead director/founder/mentor Marlon Pine, it features 8 short plays inspired by (and utilizing the language of) Shakespeare’s Hamlet all performed in and around a van.

Hamlet-Mobile (usually) announces its exact show times and locations on the day of its performances. You can find the van and experience Hamlet-Mobile free by following it on Twitter (@hamletmobile) or checking on our website: www.hamletmobile.com.

For Encores, we will be parked in the Bootleg Theater parking lot.

For more information on how to see Hamlet-Mobile, visit our website: http://www.hamlet-mobile.com/see


Learn More at hamlet-mobile.com/

production team

U 319 t 9937877

monica miklas *

U 4923 t 7314389

lauren ludwig *

U 8280 t 2381452

j.b. waterman *

U 3688 t 846206

lizzie prestel *

U 50900 t 6173687
Default user image
U 19941 t 4632251

rachel weir *

costume designer
U 50901 t 8930944

shing yin khor *

set designer
U 410 t 7853004

brandon baruch *

lighting designer
U 2 m 3229683

david mckeever *

sound designer
U 11836 t 4097917

will holt *

stage manager

* Fringe Veteran


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