Indians in a Box: there is no "I" in NDN

solo performance · native voices at the autry · Ages 12+ · family friendly · one person show · United States of America

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A hilarious and probing look at what it means to be a modern NDN. With the legacy of a Chief to live up to, how can one ndn princess wannabee reconcile her life and heritage? With the help of a long lost friend, Wanda works through her quest to discover just what an Indian is!

production team

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jennifer bobiwash *

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robert vestal *

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jason grasl

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jean bruce scott *

producing executive director
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elisa blandford *

production coordinator
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randy reinholz *

producing artistic director
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adrieanne perez *

stage manager
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samantha bowling *

prop master

* Fringe Veteran

Laugh! Cry! Be Inspired! Be entertained!

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“A very powerful, unique experience. I sat through most of the play with my jaw dropped in shock at how one woman could have gone through so much hardship, shock at the performer in front of me who is so ferocious, so full of Duende.”

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Heather's world was rocked by a breast cancer diagnosis. A heartbreaking & comedic journey of growth reveals strength, love, friendships & betrayals.