ensemble theatre · one trick dog* · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States of America

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compelling · engaging and effectivley mounted.
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DAVID WACHTEL certified reviewer · June 13, 2015
Compelling show touching on sensitive subject matter that is both current and important. The concepts of medical care in this country layered with the ever increasing wage gap lays the groundwork for poignant dialogue and the struggles of individuals at all levels of the American class. Check it out. ... full review

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JOHN THUM certified reviewer · June 20, 2015
The direction and acting in this show were fantastic. There is not much time left, but you should go see it.... full review

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DAVE STODDER · June 26, 2015
'Split/ Screen' leans heavily on direction by Wendy GoodmanThum and acting due to a very sparse set. The performance is nicely complemented with mostly original live music by Ben Rosenblum and creative infused video projection. Both the music and video highlight the despair and powerlessness in this crossroad of four characters of very different backgrounds. Alex Montalto, as Kit is a very believable victim of an accident, failed parenting, and his own seemingly fruitless search for purpose. Frank Montano as Dr. Miller serves and is demoralized by The insurance/drug/health without care corporations that doom Rufus, a cancer patient played by Adam Rashad Glen. Rufus, from the projects of El Barrio, tries desperately to mask his fear and ang... full review

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CAROLYN SYKES certified reviewer · June 17, 2015
engaging committed performances by the actors. well written and intense. Go See. ... full review

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THOMAS BOURGEOIS certified reviewer · June 23, 2015
This play combines smart writing, deftly nuanced acting and disciplined direction. Its spare staging is augmented by excellent tech effects and uncannily complementary music -- both original underscore and a touch of the familiar American songbook. The story is both compelling in its own right and effective as a reflection in microcosm of two timely -- and not coincidentally related -- sets of issues: namely, the maldistribution of wealth and the tenuous delivery of health care in our society.... full review

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CHRISTOPHER MCKENZIE certified reviewer · June 20, 2015
Decent script and great acting. The actor who played there handicapped man does a scene change without breaking character. That scene was the most powerful one. Not knowing at the time whether the actor eat genuinely handicapped, you saw the struggle and difficulty that such people have to live with. It's small insights which connect you to the present, the interface of reality, which let you explore the your own implicit facets of identity - identities we don't realize we have. Thank you... full review

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