comedy · skypilot theatre company · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

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In August, 2001, the United States was hit with a surprise attack by mermaids. For more than a decade, we’ve been fighting The Mermaid Wars, badly. In this converging collection of scenes and monologues, our enemies have never been so deadly or so lovely.

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production team

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bob rusch *

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ann-marie lariccia *

dr. bell
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marlon samuda *

dr. bruce
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tony decarlo *

dr. forkan
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kerr lordygan *

dr. jenkins
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jeff blumberg *

dr. mcguff
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starina johnson *

dr. olson
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marisa van den borre *

executive officer
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claire lake *

jane gibbs
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christopher palle *

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kayla vosburg *

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kesia elwin *

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claire harvey *

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lauren manzano *

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jennifer strand *

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lejon stewart *

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morry schorr *

president swan
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dwana white *

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lise hart *

submarine captain
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henry knotts *

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anthony backman *

vice-president kyle norman
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adam hahn *

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nicholas leland *

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tina walsch *

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jennifer hogan *

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darla rose jaffe *

princess iria
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jonathan price *

sound designer
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michelle ingram *

graphic designer

* Fringe Veteran

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