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JAIME ANDREWS certified reviewer · June 12, 2015
This "100 minute" show is a full 2 hours. I missed my next reservation. Boo.... full review

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THEATRE REVIEW #285 - The Mermaid Wars “”The Mermaid Wars” Is A Dark Comedy With Waves Of Twisted Turns & Topical Issues!” Written By Lorenzo Marchessi When you think today’s government and the ultra-conservative lawmakers – imagine them taking it yet another step further – rewriting the mystical mystery out of what legends are made of. What I am talking about is “The Mermaid Wars”, Skypilot Theatre’s most intriguing contribution to the 2015 Hollywood Fringe experience. Written by Adam Hahn with an extremely dark tone but filled with moments of humor, thought and some scary concepts to think about, this play was cleverly staged and directed by Nicholas Leland. Broken into many scenes and cross segments that include a mysterious l... full review

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JOHN ALEXANDER certified reviewer · June 18, 2015
This show has a great ensemble and some very funny bits, including a brilliant bad-scientist scene with very funny actors, one being an amateur poet scientist played by Kerr Lordygan who was hysterical. The mermaids were all very hard working and sexy and mesmerizing. ... full review

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JEREMIAH BENJAMIN certified reviewer · June 24, 2015
Beautifully done... full review

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GLENDA SUGGS certified reviewer · June 28, 2015
What a gorgeous play. Such a unique and intriguing story! The costumes are beautiful. The sound design is haunting. I love the scaffolding on wheels; it makes the scene transitions all the more active. The movement work of the mermaids is absolutely gorgeous to watch and successfully put us in another world. Anthony Backman's performance is absolutely riveting. I enjoyed watching his strong willed and decisive politician character slowly descend into madness. Several other strong actors here. The main lab assistant was delightfully awkward and it was fun to see him squirm. The pregnant lady's dualistic nature of victim to strong woman was great to watch. I only have a few suggestions for this play. No doubt it will continue in developm... full review

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DANIEL JOHNSON · June 23, 2015
Fringe Warning: Show goes 20 minutes beyond its advertised runtime. In The Mermaid Wars, tritons (the gender neutral word for mermaids/mermen) have surfaced throughout the world. Some are captured and studied, while others are worshiped and admired. Everyone seems to be waiting for something to happen. Even ten years after the first triton appearance, it's unclear the level of threat - if any - they pose. This sets the stage for the show as we follow no fewer than 5 storylines revolving to varying degrees around the mesmerizing creatures. One ends up admiring Mermaid Wars more for its ambition than for its execution. The storylines are mildly compelling, but the stakes remain muddled throughout. Mythology gets mixed up with meta... full review

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PAULINE ADAMEK · June 11, 2015
Review by Pauline Adamek. * This review first appeared on * Follow the link (“original article”) to read it. In Adam Hahn’s new play "The Mermaid Wars," making its world premier at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival, the world is in crisis. Mermaids have risen from the sea and plunged humankind into a seemingly interminable war. As the scientists and military spend decades searching for an effective defense to their mysterious powers, each U.S. President slowly goes insane. Regrettably, SkyPilot’s production squanders a decent premise and the commitment of a large cast with a muddled storyline, weak and unfunny dialogue and poor direction. Nicholas Leland has evidently instructed his cast to play their roles ... full review

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