The Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical

musicals and operas · waiting for gravity music · Ages 10+ · world premiere · United States of America

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“With lavish period costumes, a cast of 16 actors, and a two-hour running time, Kelly D’Angelo and Matt Dahan’s musical theater adaptation of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ bears the hallmarks of an ambition” – Lyle Zimskind of LAist

“It was a Shakespearian experience: the story’s the thing… Fine performances. Well sung. Entertaining. Check it out.” -Suzanne Birrell of Discover Hollywood

“Top Five Musicals At The Hollywood Fringe Festival” -LA Music Blog

“It’s two days later, and I still find myself humming certain lyrics in songs.” -Sarah Dzida of LA FPI

“The music is beautiful and on the whole sung with great skill. It definitely has moments reminiscent of shows like Les Mis and Scarlet Pimpernel.” -Kat Michels of SeeitOrSkipItLA

“If you’re a fan of Dumas and The Count, GO SEE THIS SHOW! You’ll be so glad you did when it has its run on Broadway.” -Andrew Amani, Director

Jealousy. Tyranny. Greed. Revenge. “The Count of Monte Cristo” is a story about one man, Edmond Dantès, and his dark transformation into the antihero known as the Count of Monte Cristo. A tale of love, loss, and extreme agony coupled by an undeniable thirst for retribution against his enemies, this musical expands on the beautiful motifs raised in the novel as well as offering a fresh perspective on the nearly 1000-paged piece of literature.

The writer, Kelly D’Angelo, has read over six versions of this novel, including one in French, and has dedicated 10 years of her life towards making this vision a reality. With the addition of the brilliant composer, Matt Dahan, this brewing creation is finally ready to unfold. With reckless abandon, we followed Dumas’ words of wisdom to make this dream come true: to wait and hope.

Come with us on an incredible journey to 19th century France, where unsettling politics, gigantic masquerades, and conniving desperation all intertwine into this majestical, musical storytelling of “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

production team

U 46366 t 3859782

kelly d'angelo

U 46591 t 4347995

matt dahan

composer/music director
Default user image

erica lawrence *

stage manager
Default user image

amanda walter

U 48370 t 2903034

david meinke

edmond dantès/the count of monte cristo
U 48371 t 9831815

laurine price

mercédès/madame danglars
U 48372 t 4937702

david zack

fernand danglars
U 48364 t 3978004

anthony gruppuso

gérard de villefort
Default user image

bryan vickery

albert danglars
U 48374 t 9373593

mary nepi

valentine de villefort
U 48375 t 5330514

parnell marcano

U 48378 t 1541832

anderson piller

edward de villefort
U 28000 t 4628587

jillian easton *

lucille debray
U 48381 t 5045449

tr krupa

franz d'epinay
U 48382 t 3600296

richelle meiss

luiga/young mercédès
U 48431 t 3155384

todd andrew ball *

U 48566 t 10407

stephen novick

andrea/young dantès
U 48084 t 5525923

nick mizrahi *

fight choreographer
U 410 t 7853004

brandon baruch *

lighting designer
Default user image

teresa tracy

héloïse de villefort
U 53899 t 4347763

henry kaiser *

abbé faria

* Fringe Veteran

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