Tales of the Extraordinary

comedy · empty sea studio · Ages 12+ · family friendly · United States

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GREGORY CRAFTS · July 01, 2013
I've seen Tales of the Extraordinary before, so I know what they're capable of. This is an incredibly talented group that has developed an awesome show and podcast with a strong, loyal following. Therefore, I came in with high expectations. When it came to this particular performance though, I thought the show was solid, but it clearly felt under-rehearsed. Now granted, all of the performers work on-book, since it's a radio drama, but it seemed to me like some of them hadn't even seen the script before the show began and were reading it completely cold. This resulted in a lot of awkward line-readings, which the cast would then go back to do a second (or in some cases third) take on when they realized that the intention of their initial deliv... full review

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IAN FEDERGREEN · June 25, 2013
A 1920s radio adventure with a loose and festive atmosphere. The script is fun, and the entertaining (and jauntily costumed) cast play their parts- British explorer, femme fatale, soused detective- perfectly. I'd say things bordered on too loose, given the cast had apparently never seen their scripts before. But with an excellent live band, audience participation, and heavy improvisation, the script was almost secondary. This was their solitary Fringe performance, but I'd definitely attend a future show. fringeblog.webs.com... full review

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