Tales of the Extraordinary

comedy · empty sea studio · Ages 12+ · family friendly · United States

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Out of the musty annals of the roaring 1920s springs this shiny-like-new live theater comedy drama adventure series, Tales… Of… The Extraordinary!

It’s the long-running 1920s pulp adventure radio serial podcast show Performing Live!

Join! our madcap cast of eclectic characters as we show you Robotic Automatons, Supernatural Creatures, the mysterious Double Entendre, and yes even the famed Single Entendre!

Create! your own sound effects as part of our famed Audience Participatory Interact-shee-on!

Then Go Home Smiling And Hear! the shows podcast on the Internet for our fans all the world over!

With live musical support by Windows to Sky, let us bring to you radio’s theater of the mind … in a Theatre near You.

One Amazing Show: June 23rd at 8:30 pm!

See you at the Asylum, fellow inmates!

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Heather's world was rocked by a breast cancer diagnosis. A heartbreaking & comedic journey of growth reveals strength, love, friendships & betrayals.

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A hilarious and raw solo journey through dating, frigidity, and trauma recovery. Playing over 35 characters, Diana delivers a powerhouse performance filled with wit, vulnerability, and poignancy.