Delilah Dix-Americas Showgirl

comedy · what a bunch of dix inc. · Ages 16+ · United States

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer · June 16, 2013
Raw Camp. You'll laugh your ass off !... full review

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JODI SKERIS certified reviewer · June 23, 2013
LOVED Delilah Dix. This show is filled with so much non-stop fun and sillyness. You will fall in love with Delilah Dix and her spicy singing from top to bottom. Definitely a MUST SEE for people with a sense of humor :) (& maybe no sense of humor...Delilah might crack your funny bone code)... full review

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BRODY ALBERT certified reviewer · June 29, 2013
Funniest sh*t ever! So hilarious! Incredibly offensive, yet delightful. Perfect format for Amy's talent. I LOVE DIX!!... full review

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