30 Minute Musicals: Independence Day

musicals and operas · 30 minute musicals · Ages 18+ · flashing lights · world premiere · 45 mins · United States

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After versions of Showgirls, Jurassic Park, Top Gun, Ghostbusters, Teen Witch, Home Alone, and Roadhouse, 30 MINUTE MUSICALS does it again with their version of the Will Smith summer blockbuster, INDEPENDENCE DAY. Watch evil aliens invade the earth and get a lesson in good ole American ass-kicking in musical theatre fashion. 30MM: Independence Day is a Secondline Production, adapted/directed by Brooke Seguin, with original music by Dan Wessels and Brooke Seguin, produced by Tom Detrinis and Lindsay Wray.

Starring: Chaz Bono, Tommy Hobson, JD Barton, Michael Bernardi, Justin Braun, Sixx Carter, Tom DeTrinis, KC Lindley, Todd Masterson, Tania Possick, Samantha Scanlan, Sarah Schreiber, Brooke Seguin, Kirby Slager, and Lindsay Wray

Disclaimer: “30 Minutes” does not include time held for laughter.


Learn More at www.30MM.co

production team

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brooke seguin

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tom detrinis

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dan wessels

musical director
U 20209 t 9520909

lindsay wray

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justin braun

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sixx carter

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kc lindley

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U 20032 t 9000101

kirby slager

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rebecca eisenberg

stage manager
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matthew denman

lighting design
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chaz bono

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