The Time Machine Musical

musicals and operas · mofoco. · Ages 13+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States

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“Brilliant!…This show could very well win a Tony…The Time Machine Musical is superb.” –

“..Moments of absolute brilliance…” – Helen A.
“I left wanting more…” – David S.
“Definitely going back.” – James O.
“A clever and very fun musical.” – Paul M.
“If all the shows in the Fringe have this kind of heart and dedication, the Festival will be a huge success.” – Sonya R.

In this new rock musical version of H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine, a brilliant but troubled scientist invents a machine which takes him into a distant and violent future. The show explores themes of class struggle, popular apathy, runaway technology, addiction, greed, lawlessness, hubris, teenage angst, hopelessness, man playing God, love, betrayal and redemption. All in one hour.

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production team

U 147 t 8381139

steve altman *

writer/composer & cast (william parke)
U 3976 t 6887088

sandi hemmerlein *

U 18390 t 6390822

gretel roenfeldt *

cast (maria / weena)
U 17673 t 6521947

joshua fardon *

U 20804 t 6106806

tara price *

cast (eloi nula)
U 20808 t 5632279

jonathan grey *

cast (morgan / morlock morgan)
Default user image

erik van wyck *

cast (albert / morlock king) & band (guitar)
U 19246 t 737941

thomas meaney *

cast (eloi yrrah)
Default user image

jack david frank *

cast (eloi elyod)
U 20812 t 5940922

suzan mikiel *

cast (eloi saru)
U 20813 t 5617168

rich faugno *

band (bass)
U 20814 t 6450877

paul costa *

band (drums)
U 20815 t 3844404

jeremy borum *

band (keyboards)
U 6333 t 8656533

jim hanna *

cast (harry / morlock harry)
U 20805 t 6875577

tara raucci *

choreographer & cast (eloi tar-el)

* Fringe Veteran

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