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cabaret & variety · teatro jaguar luna · Ages 13+ · one person show ·

Teatro Jaguar Luna presents Tales of a Jaguar Magician. Masks, video, song and magic, created with colorful characters offer, tips on how does one navigate into the new world dream? Witty, whimsical, funny, wise this theatre has delighted audiences around the world.
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solo performance · the adventures of les kurkendaal · Ages 12+ · family friendly · one person show · United States

Les has a problem . His mother has dementia and she has no idea who he is . He has 24 hours to get her to regain her memory . Come see a comedic look at something we all have in common . Our parents .
P 1248 t 6518586


solo performance · rant l.a. · Ages 18+ · one person show · United States

In THE BOOBY PRIZE, writer/performer Lizzie Czerner grows tired of playing second banana to her two melons and goes on a quest for love…but she discovers that her “girls” just wanna have fun! Audiences are raving that THE BOOBY PRIZE is “funny, smart, poignant, fearless, and sexy.”

Still Life of an Orange Puppet Parables

A 3976 m 3081343

A series of fables that are absurd, funny and poignant. Through storytelling, animation, and puppetry, performance artist Jean Minuchin takes the audience on a journey into today’s most pressing issues through the charm of puppetry.

Combined Artform's PICK OF THE FRINGE

A 3968 m 4541393

Fifth smash year! Too many shows and not enough time? Our experienced, independent judges see tons of productions across every genre, then we choose, and present live highlights from, five of the best shows at each Pick of the Fringe performance.

FRAMES: ensemble-devised in 7 days.

A 3997 m 7086766

We live in frames, real or imagined. Do they offer something worthwhile or are we fated to rail against them? Our ensemble decided to fight and fall in love with our limits by creating a show in only 7 rehearsals.